and introducing our company. Since it's established in 1986, it has been steadily grown up with your patronage and encouragement.

The companies for advertisement have reached 2,000 in 2002 so that it has been grown up as a company representing the Korean ODM watch industry both in name and reality.

It has been paying every efforts for the customer impression over the customer satisfaction.
Its business concept is that it considers customers' requirements and provide the best products based on the advanced technical know-how and services.

In addition, it's willing to harmonize with the nature and the human being and create the joyful and dreamy world with smile.

In order to more advance to you customers, it has prompted business step by step in the center of the off-line marketting with the on-line shopping.

Also, its sales occupies 30 percents out of the total export in the center of the chinese market.As a result, it will pay every efforts in exporting and securing the wide & stable network for marketting. Based on the marketting research and analysis, it's planning to capture a new market according to the regional characteristics.

Like the Swiss notable for the watch industry, it will do its best to research a new technical know-how, and products in order to let the world know the ECCO watch co., ltd in the gloable market.

Considering your demands, applying the most technology to watch, and more developed functions and design, it will do its best to introduce the new watch.

It thank you customers for your continuous patronage and encouragement.BAsed on a good customer services, good products, and development of a new product, it will concentrate its all efforts in opening the new page of watch industry.